5th July 2024, Skopje – Today, Minister of Finance, Gordana Dimitrieska–Kochoska had a meeting with EU Ambassador, David Geer, with both interlocutors reflecting upon the reforms that await the country in terms of its EU integration processes.

Activities the Ministry of Finance performs as the institution – coordinator within the Economic and Financial Dialogue with the EU Council, as well as the country’s Reform Agenda aligned with the new Growth Plan for the Western Balkans, activities thereof being implemented by both the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of European Affairs, were touched upon during the meeting.

“Ministry of Finance has been coordinating the activities within the Economic and Financial Dialogue for ten years in continuity.

Such gainful experience will be used with the reform processes connected with the Growth Plan for the Western Balkans”, the Minister said.

She expressed her confidence that the reforms involving the Ministry of Finance within the EU integration process will be the focal point of its operations, considering them playing a part in improving the processes and the country’s approximation process towards the EU standards.

As indicated, EU is an important ally to our country since its independence, extending continuous support in the forthcoming period.

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