Veles, 12th January 2016 (MIA) – Government of the Republic of Macedonia and Indian Group BRG signed Agreement in Veles yesterday, aimed at realizing the investment under which the former “Porcelanka” factory will be restarted.

Investment is around EUR 31 million worth, and thousands of new jobs are planned to be created under a multi-annual plan.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski attended the signing ceremony in Veles.

He underlined that BRG Group was one of the largest and fastest-growing global manufacturers of steel products and that the entrance of this company in Macedonia will revive the former “Porcelanka” factory.

– The new factory will be located in the premises of the former factory.  This investment is a result of our efforts to restore as many as possible factories, which were closed during the transition period.  This is an exceptionally important period of our history, when thousands of citizens across the country were left jobless and many factories in Macedonia were closed. Veles was especially hit in times when the factories were being closed, such as the case with the former “Porcelanka” factory, Gruevski said.

He pointed out that he visited the Indian company in January last year during the economic road show in India and that when meeting the company’s representatives, as he said, they inspired them with confidence that Macedonia is the proper investment destination.

– What followed were long-lasting negotiations about many details since “Porcelanka” was exceptionally complex case. As a result thereof, “Porcelanka” got new owner, a very powerful company that will restore and invest in the former factory, by bringing new equipment, new machines, fresh knowledge and by employing 1000 unemployed people from Veles and its surrounding, Gruevski said, adding that the Ambassador Toni Atanasovski, who was economic promoter in India, made the first contact with the company.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said that the signing of the agreement can be credited to many people who put maximum efforts and worked very hard therefor.

– We promised that we will bring investments in Veles, which will contribute to both creating jobs and improving the life as a whole.  This is exactly what is happening today, Stavreski said, expressing hope that in addition to “Makkart” and the Indian company BRG, there will be more investments in Veles.   

Minister in charge of attracting foreign direct investments, Jerry Naumoff stressed that he was proud that this Group decided to invest in Macedonia, given that the restarting of “Porcelanka” factor, by which thousands of jobs will be created, will be a big impetus for the local economy, thus also stimulating indirect employments in companies that would cooperate with the local company of BRG in Veles.

According to him the Indian representatives assessed Macedonia as an attractive location, wherefrom they can more easily promote their products on the European market.

Director of the local company “M Square”, Bandari pointed out that the decision to invest in Macedonia is a result of the business forum and the visit of Prime Minister Gruevski to Calcutta at the beginning of last year.

– Our factory in Veles located in the premises of the former “Porcelanka” company will manufacture mainly steel products, which will be sold on the markets in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.  We will put efforts for our factory in Veles to achieve success, by making it again center of high-quality products, Bandari said.

He stressed that this location was selected mainly as a result of the infrastructure and the offered workforce.

BRG Group, within the restarted former “Porcelanka” company, will manufacture steel products and stainless kitchenware. The company has six factories with 13 thousands of employees and representative offices in several capitals worldwide.  Annual turnover of the company amounts to EUR 500 million.

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