September 27, 2019, New York – Priorities of key importance for improving the life of the citizens are traditionally in the focus of the cooperation between the Republic of North Macedonia and the World Bank. Finance Minister Nina Angelovska and WB Executive Director of the Constituency, our country being a member of, Koen Davidse held their first official meeting in New York. During the meeting, they discussed about the Country Partnership Framework for the Republic of North Macedonia 2019-2023 (CPF), pointing out the excellent dynamics of its realization.

According to the Minister of Finance Nina Angelovska, by implementing the four year country program (CPF) in total amount of  $ 420 million, the country will invest in improving the competitiveness of the private sector through investments in infrastructure, human potential development and greater inclusion, as well as in strengthening public finance management and greater sustainability of energy sources.

– The partnership with the World Bank and the support provided in the process of development of our country and our aims to EU and NATO accession has been of a great importance. Only by having clear goals and strategy, we can offer better living standard to the citizens, and the CPF is an excellent foundation therefore – Minister Angelovska said.

Executive Director Davidse said that North Macedonia has his support for prompt implementation of the CPF, as well as that he believes in the country’s capacity to implement the projects.

Davidse took the opportunity to congratulate Minister Angelovska for her newly acquired title – UNCTAD’s “Woman Ambassador for Digital Commerce”, which she was promoted for at the United Nations Annual Assembly in New York. He also emphasized the fact that efforts to utilize woman potential are ever more evident in the Republic of North Macedonia and that such efforts should continue, since the active role of women in leadership positions is important for the growth of the economies.

As part of her commitments for promoting gender equality, the Minister of Finance will be a keynote speaker at High Level Panel on “Innovative Approaches to Promote Gender Equality in Access to Economic Opportunities in Europe and Central Asia” at the Annual Meetings of the IMF and the World Bank in Washington.

In addition, Davidse pointed out that the Republic of North Macedonia is on the right path considering the economic growth, the unemployment reduction and the other economic parameters that indicate stable investment climate.

Activities that will be realized within the IMF and World Bank Annual Meetings, to be held in Washington in October, were also discussed at the meeting.

The importance of technology in all processes of country progress was also discussed at the meeting.Digital Macedonia – high speed broadband Project, which is in preparation and will provide access to high-quality broadband services, was also mentioned at the meeting as one of the projects to be funded through the CPF.

First projects to be implemented by the CPF are Local Roads Construction and Rehabilitation Project, Agriculture Modernization Project and Project for Pension Modernization. The Local Roads Construction and Rehabilitation Project will improve the local infrastructure through road construction and rehabilitation in the municipalities in the country. As regards the Agriculture Modernization Project, several components will be implemented, including: promoting the competitiveness of the agricultural sector through agricultural purchasing centers, strengthening the institutional capacity and strengthening the capacity to utilize IPARD. The Pension Modernization Project, on the other hand, will strengthen the capacity of the Pension Administration and improving the technological solutions it uses. Implementation of the projects will commence during next year.


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