Skopje, 9th April 2013 (MIA) – Counterfeit textiles and footwear will be given by the state to socially vulnerable persons and families and to citizens from areas affected by certain natural disasters.


This is envisaged in the Draft-Law on Modifications and Amendments to the Law on Customs Measures for Protection of Intellectual Property Rights, during the first reading, which was adopted today by the Financing and Budget Commission.


Deputy Minister of Finance Ardian Xheladini, explaining the modifications and amendments, said that the goods will be allocated by certain state authority, if the representative of the respective trade brand agrees therewith and if the labelings of the trade brand are removed from the products.


During 2012, around 12,300 pieces were seized, and at the beginning of the year, as Director of Customs Administration of the Republic of Macedonia Vanco Kargov informed, total of 200,0000 pieces of diverse goods were seized.


He pointed out that the seized counterfeits are lower from year to year, however, the manner of importing in smaller packages is changed.


Marjanco Nikolov from SDSM pointed out that this parliamentary group will support the proposed amendments, stressing that they will require detailed clarification of the text through amendments.


At today’s session, the Commission, during the first reading, accepted the Draft Law on Take Over of Joint Stock Companies, the purpose of which, as Deputy Minister of Finance said, is protecting small shareholders in joint stock companies.


Legal solution envisages that if someone owning 25% of the shares of certain company, wants to buy more of them, he will have to give offer for taking over to all shareholders in the company, and to buy out the shares from them at an appropriate price.


It is envisaged for the price not to be lower than the highest price, at which the entity taking over joint stock company or the persons with whom it cooperates, mutually purchased shares in the last 12 month and if the shares were not traded in the last 12 months, the entity taking over joint stock company is obliged to offer price, the amount of which should be at least as the amount of the estimated value of shares, determined by authorized evaluator.


Marjanco Nikolov mentioned that the rules of this Law do not apply to shares of the country. We should not reach the situation of so easily selling the state companies and the state did not make good estimate for those it owned, and at present, large profit is brought out from the country, Nikolov said, wondering what would happen if the country decides to sell the state-owned companies ELEM and MEPSO, who will determine the price, the market or the agreement.


The Draft Law is harmonized with the EU acquis.


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