Skopje, 27th July 2012 (MIA) – Results of our efforts and engagement of personnel and resources are more than 380 fully completed projects and over 470 projects commenced in the period from 28th July 2011 to 20th July 2012, Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said, in his address at the first anniversary of the election of the Government.

These are, as he pointed out, the results of the fulfillment of the Government program and the promises given, the fulfillment of which remains to be an imperative not to be deviated from. Every citizen, he underlined, finds himself in one or several of these projects. They, he went on, have benefit that reflects in many directions and are important for the people.

– Even in time of prolonged global economic crisis and the biggest European debt crisis, which have had effects and influence on the domestic trends, we have managed to ensure stability and remain less scared compared to the other countries. There was no increase of taxes, we have reduced the salaries, the pensions and the welfare or agricultural subsidies, although some requested it. On the contrary, we have continued reducing the taxes. We have allowed neither Denar devaluation nor distortion of the financial system in the country. There were no mass layoffs in the companies and citizens were not deprived any acquired right, Prime Minister Gruevski said.

He added that World Bank ranked Macedonia as the third best reformer, positioned 22nd in the world in doing business, while it registered the seventh highest GDP growth in Europe in 2011, with one of the lowest GDP-debt ratio of 26.8%.
In addition to the commenced projects, being part of the Government program, Prime Minister emphasized that, during this period, the Government also implemented projects not envisaged in the program, however, as he said, a need or a possibility occurred in certain periods for such projects to be realized or it was believed that such undertaken step would generate benefit for the citizens, the companies and the country as a whole.

He listed the projects in the field of economy, judiciary, foreign affairs, administration, agriculture, health.

Underlining that this was the first Government in Macedonia to report the activities in details to the citizens, he referred to projects implemented, such as the new credit line from the European Investment Bank in the amount of EUR 100 million as support to the economy, which, together with the so-far provided EUR 150 million in the first two phases, meant support in the amount of EUR 250 million, EUR 10.7 million support to small- and medium-sized enterprises engaged in purchasing, processing and export of agricultural products, continuous realization of the “Buy a Flat, Buy a House” Project, abolishment of VAT for small and micro enterprises.

Price of land privatization for the companies, as he said, is also reduced ranging from EUR 1 to EUR 5 per square meter, funds in the amount of EUR 18.6 are allocated and invested in realization of the project “Main Coal Conveyor Belt System from Brod Gneotino to Suvodol”, EUR 65 million is provided for the realization of “HPP Boskov Most” Project, the construction of which will commence in 2012, EUR 3 million is provided for preparatory works for commencement of the project “Lukovo Pole Dam and Korab Waters Intake” – 2012, EUR 27 million for realization of the project “Revitalization of Six Existing Large Hydro Power Plants (II stage) – Spilje, Globocica, Tikves, Vrutok, Vrben and Raven”, EUR 33 million for realization of the project “Wind Park Bogdanci”, as well as EUR 49 million for modernization of TPP Bitola.

– Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed as regards the gasification between the Republic of Macedonia and “StroyТrans Gas” Russian company, to build the priority section Klecovce-Stip-Negotino, as first step towards the construction of national gas pipeline network in the country. Republic of Macedonia has been included in the “South Stream”, thus resolving a strategic issue for ling-term energy stability in the country, Prime Minister Gruevski emphasized.

He also pointed out that denationalization was completed in first-instance procedure, EUR 37.2 million was provided for financing the second stage for municipal services improvement, as well as EUR 10.25 million for realization of the “Irrigation of Southern Valley of the River Vardar” Project.

As for the investments, Prime Minister emphasized that many companies decided to invest in Macedonia, and some of them already commenced building capacities, such as the British company “Johnson Metty”, second factory in the amount of EUR 60 million and more than 100 new jobs, “Kemet Electronics” with EUR 25 million and 500 new jobs, American company “Johnson Controls”, second factory, EUR 20 million and 1,427 new jobs, German company “Kromberg & Schubert” with EUR 20 million and up to 2,500 new jibs, “Drexel Meyer” from Germany with 4,000 new jobs.

He also listed the investments of “Agrokor” – Croatia in the amount of EUR 20 million and opening of 300 new jobs, “Maderson Group” from India with an investment in the amount of EUR 12 million As for the investments, “Alliance One" – the USA, investment in the amount of EUR 10 million and 150 new jobs, “Technohose” – Italy with EUR 10 million and 150 new jobs, “EuroItaly” – Italy with EUR 10 million and 200 new jobs, “Protek Group” – Russia with EUR 5 million and 150 new jobs, “Einflow” – Switzerland with EUR 5 million and 100 new jobs, “Style Con” – the Netherlands with EUR 3.5 million and 100 new jobs, “Van Hool” – Belgium with EUR 20 million and 500 new jobs and “Euromax” which will open a gold mine in Ilovica and 500 new jobs.

With respect to infrastructure, Prime Minister pointed out the renewal and completion of Skopje and Ohrid airports, Corridor 10 road section Tabanovce – Kumanovo, completion of “Filip II National Arena” and completion of 71 local roads.
Regarding agriculture, he said that EUR 115 million was fully paid within the 2011 subsidies program, and EUR 20 million, out of EUR 130 million within the 2012 subsidies program, was paid earlier.

As for labour and social policy, he pointed out the support to pensioners, children without parents and self-employment programs.

Construction and putting into operation the main coal conveyor belt system from Brod-Gneotino mine to Suvodol mine, as well as full completion of the construction of HPP Sveta Petka, to be commissioned next week, were pointed out as projects in the energy sector.

In the field of culture, he listed the construction of VMRO Museum and Museum of the Victims of the Communist Regime, “Macedonia Gate”, project “Translation of 130 Volumes of Macedonian Literature into English Language”, as well as construction of the Old Theatre in Skopje and the Museum of Archeology on the Vardar River, which are in their final stage.
– We have been working very hard and we have been committed. We have also made mistakes. We are aware of them, however, our feature is to correct for the mistakes and learn from them. I believe we have been doing that, not allowing for any serious and strategic mistakes to be made and believing in our straightforward intentions and goals. We have detected and analyzed several challenges. While working in the period to come, I expect to especially focus on such challenges and managing them, he said.

The Government, he added, is yet to face much work and many projects.

– At the end, I am certain that together with the citizens of our country – Macedonians, Albanians, Turks, Serbs, Vlachs, Bosnians and others, with all out generation – we will be proud of what we have done, the solved problems and those we should deal with in the future, completed projects and the ones we should implement in the future for us and our future generations," Gruevski said, pointing out that the report on the Government’s one-year work will be available, in its integral form, to the citizens on the website of the Government, as well as in the daily printed media.

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