Skopje, 7th October 2014 (MIA) – Monday is the last deadline when the vulnerable categories of citizens may submit application for writing off the debts. There will be no extension of the deadline, and the competent authorities invite the citizens who meet the requirements to go to the centers for social work and submit application. So far, around 34,000 applications have been submitted, and the first decisions are expected to be reached in the period 20th October- 25th October.

As of Yesterday inclusive, as Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski and Minister of Labour and Social Policy Dime Spasov informed today, around 34,000 applications were submitted. Most applications, i.e. 11,000 were submitted in Skopje, 4,500 in Kumanovo, followed by Prilep, Tetovo, Gostivar and Strumica, where among 1600 and 2600 applications were submitted.

– There are five more days until the deadline, 13th October at 1:30 pm. I appeal to the citizens not to wait for the last day when there will be crowds and tensions, but to rather come even today and submit application, Minister Stavreski recommended,

He went on that there is no reason to extend the deadline, since the citizens were informed and he expects for those who meet the requirements to use the opportunity and the right to writing off of debts.

He stressed that the submitted applications confirm that the measure was well designed and focused on the vulnerable categories, to whom the debts will be written off and who will be helped so as to recover financially.

Commissions examine the submitted applications, and the overall process is expected to be completed in November.

Submission of applications for writing off the debts started on 18th August. Debts incurred as of 31st December 2013 inclusive will be written off, all on the basis of consumed electricity, thermal energy, credit cards, overdrafts of transaction accounts and consumer credits, as well as debts on the basis of broadcasting fee. The measure includes unpaid debts for more than one year, and collection procedure should be initiated therefore.

Applications may be submitted by beneficiaries of social assistance, unemployed persons, and persons having death or disability in the family, due to which they were not able to settle their liabilities.  

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