18th September 2016, Skopje – Call Center, an investment of the Canadian company “OneContact”, launched its operations today, and it would provide for more than 200 employments.

Company CEO, Asif Chaudari, pointed out that the whole process started two years ago at a business forum in Toronto, when Government’s team presented the investment opportunities in Macedonia. Since then, he visited Macedonia few time.

– Macedonia with its stable infrastructure, security, qualified pool of resources, competitive salaries and natural beauty is a great alternative and a wonderful place to do business in. At OneContact, we currently have 25 employees. Our goal is to grow our team to close to 45 – 50 this year. The goal is to have 200 employees in the future, Chaudari said.

He also said that their system currently processed close to half a million calls per year and saw this growing to one million next year. They are currently hiring people who speak both English and French fluently.

Minister of Finance, Kiril Minoski, underlined that the strategy for attracting foreign investments have yielded multiple results, since more than 17,000 jobs have been created in the country so far.

– Investors’ announcement to increase the number of employees to 200 is good news, as well as that the personnel comprise young and qualified people, the professional development and training of which will continue. The final effects therefrom are increased production of goods and services, increased import and employment, and boosted economic growth. Macedonian economy is developing and experience and knowledge from the more developed economies are needed so as to achieve the desired development, Minister Minoski stated.

CEO of TIDZ Directorate, Viktor Mizo, pointed out that “One Contact” company, specialized in online data processing and providing other digital services, would initially provide services for clients in North America through its Call Center in Macedonia and, as a result of specificity of time zones, a possibility is opened to offer additional services to new clients in Europe, which would, on the other hand, provide for more work positions in future.  According to him, historically, as regards the broader region, outsourcing services, world’s leading trend, are located in Slovakia, Poland, the Czech Republic, other countries in Eastern Europe, as well as North Africa, while Macedonia, slowly, but surely, starts joining this group of countries, which means employment of young people who speak the most widely spoken foreign languages, have good communication skills and knowledge in IT – accounting services, data processing, etc.

– The Call Center will employ more than 200 young people, most of them at the age of up to 30. This is an additional incentive to work on creating quality jobs in future as well, to keep the young people in Macedonia and give them an opportunity to advance in their careers by acquiring new and quality skills, Mizo said.

VMRO-DPMNE leader, Nikola Gruevski, also attended the opening ceremony, expressing his contentment with the results yielded from the activities in promoting and attracting foreign investors, so-called “road shows”, since the investors have recognized the doing business conditions, they have decided to invest and the most important of all – they create jobs.

– It is excellent news that the Call Center officially launches its operations today, also announcing 200 employment in the period to come. In addition, it is my pleasure that the investor is satisfied with all the preparatory activities undertaken and I am confident to say that things are going the right way, Gruevski said.


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