Skopje, 2nd December 2014 (MIA) – The deadline for submitting applications for privatization of state-owned courtyard lots expires on 15th December.

Ministry of Finance appeal to the citizens and companies in the units within the Real Estate Cadastre Agency to check the status of the land they use and if it is owned by the Republic of Macedonia, with registered right to use on their behalf, they should submit application for privatization to the Regional Unit of the Property and Legal Affairs Office in the municipality, where  the land is located.

Citizens or companies having acquired the right to use of construction land on legal basis (law, title deed, court judgment, sale and purchase agreement, inheritance-related decision, decision of competent state authority), citizens or companies having acquired the right to use of construction land on the basis of ownership of facility acquired on legal basis as of September 2001 inclusive, not being registered as land users in the Real Estate Cadastre Agency, are entitled to  submitting application for privatization.

In addition, citizens who were land owners on the day when the land was nationalized have right to submit applications, as well as citizens to whom the right to use of construction inbuilt land was transferred in the period by 15th February 1968, successors of former owners, citizens acquiring the right to land uses on the basis of gift agreement, agreement for lifetime support and agreement for disposal of property during lifetime, which agreements have been concluded between the former owner and his/her legal successors.

The application may be also submitted by former owners of construction land and natural persons and legal entities paying a fee for the acquired right to use, and which according to the valid acts on urban planning is intended for common good, while the purpose at the moment of reaching the decision was not realized, as well as natural persons and legal entities users of construction  land on which flats, business premises, parking garages and other special parts of residential and business buildings having two or more flats, i.e. business premises, were built .

Real Estate Cadastre Agency within a period of 1 year at the most, following the deadline for submitting privatization applications, will erase all user rights recorded on the construction land at the same time recording the submitted privatization applications, for which the units within the Property and Legal Affairs Office will extend the procedure for land privatization.

All natural persons and legal entities having no submitted application for privatization, and that will not submit applications by 15th December this year, will be obliged to pay  rent for the land, for which they were recorded as users by the stipulated deadline, i.e. they used  the land on the basis of facility built thereon.

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