1st September 2022, Skopje – The Government secures more than EUR 100 million for managing the energy crisis and capital investments aimed at improving the utility infrastructure in municipalities. Decisions were adopted therefore at the Government session held yesterday, the ultimate goal of which is to provide for better living conditions for the citizens.

Under the decision, starting today, Denar 3.1 billion or around EUR 50 million will be made available to ESM so as for the company to increase the production and ensure additional quantities of electricity. ESM will use the financial support to purchase the basic raw materials – coal, crude oil, thus supporting the continuation of the electricity generation, as well as providing for continuous supply of electricity.

This is in line with the measures undertaken to ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity amid global energy crisis.

In addition, EUR 50 million is provided for capital investments aimed at improving the water infrastructure in the municipalities. The Government will provide the funds from the European Investments Bank, and the municipalities will receive them as a donation. Thus, the Government extends significant help to the municipalities in implementing key infrastructure projects in times of crisis.

Draft Law was adopted at yesterday’s Government session, under which the funds will be provided, and it is to be adopted by the MPs in the coming period. The Project’s goal is improving the conditions and bettering the quality of life of the citizens, also being part of the Government’s policy on equal regional development.

The funds are intended for rehabilitation, modernization and extension/construction of water supply infrastructure, such as water intakes, water treatment plants, raw or treated water transmission mains, water supply networks, including pumping stations and house connections, bulk and consumer metering, energy efficiency measures. Further on, funds will be also used for rehabilitation, modernization and extension/construction of wastewater collection and treatment infrastructure, such as sewer networks including house connections and pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants. Significant capital investments are also envisaged in rehabilitation, modernization and extension/construction of storm water systems and emergency flood protection measures.

Ministry of Environment will implement the Project, with the municipalities and the City of Skopje as its beneficiaries.

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