29th November 2023, Skopje – Fulfillment of the political agreement to appoint an Albanian Prime Minister in the pre-election period is an investment in united future and a real response to all prejudices inherited from the past, Minister of Finance, Fatmir Besimi stated in an interview for “Televizija 24” TV Channel. He pointed out that this is not just a pre-election promise, but rather a mutual trust being built, thus strengthening the foundations of a democratic country, and taking a responsibility for our actions, which conveys a message of equality and equal opportunities. This also implies following the European values, a multi-ethnic, multicultural society, with mutual understanding and tolerance, which will ensure prosperity and a better standard of living for all citizens.

“There are already ongoing negotiations about North Macedonia’s accession to the EU. It is a NATO member country, participating in its various missions even before joining the alliance, such as those related to Afghanistan and Kabul, side by side with the American soldiers. Our soldiers were part of the security team in NATO headquarters. During my visit there, as a Minister of Defense, American General of the Army stressed that he trusted our soldiers. The actions we take internationally should be much the same as with those taken within our country in view of strengthening the mutual trust,

and undertaking responsibility”, Besimi pointed out. When asked about the possibility of him being appointed as a Prime Minister, Besimi stated – “Every citizen should be aware of the fact that the next Prime Minister will act on behalf of all citizens in our country, regardless of his/her ethnicity.

This candidate will undoubtedly be someone who will efficiently perform his/her duties, I have not contemplated thereabout, and nowadays I am only focused on dealing with the economic and financial challenges falling under my responsibility, as a Minister of Finance “.

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