30th November 2023, Skopje – The achievements in this last 30-year period of the country’s development, as a result of the extended support by the World Bank Group constituted a topic of discussions at the meeting of the Minister of Finance Fatmir Besimi with the Vice President of the Europe and Central Asia Region at the World Bank Antonella Bassani and the Country Director for the Western Balkans Xiaoqing Yu. The WB Country Manager Massimiliano Paolucci was also present at the meeting.

‘It is a pleasure that today, in anticipation of the conference observing the thirty-year partnership of Republic of North Macedonia and World Bank, we were able to discuss the accomplishments and outcomes of the partnership for my country and what we managed to achieve together in these last 30 years’, Minister Besimi said.

He also underlined the significance of the implemented World Bank projects contributing to the development of the society as a whole, the economy and the environment.

“This partnership is of key importance for the Government of North Macedonia, not only from a financial perspective, but also from the perspective of knowledge and expertise delivery. Implementation of the 65 projects in the amount of US$ 2.8 billion speaks in favor of this great cooperation of ours”, the Minister said, adding that the cooperation and partnership are continuing in the form of on-going 9 projects amounting to US$ 404 million.

He highlighted that the support of this international financial institution is extended in different areas of extreme importance to our country, such as the support in times of Covid and energy crisis, as well as other challenges.

On the behalf of the minister, an appreciation was expressed for both the WB support in the process of securing the Development Policy Loan aimed at attaining a more resilient economy and green development, as well as the preparation of the new Country Partnership Framework, covering the areas where the World Bank Group provides support for the country’s development agenda. The new Framework covers the period 2024-2028 and its adoption is to be expected at the onset of next year.

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