Washington, 19th April 2013 (MIA) – Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski and Governor of the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia Dimitar Bogov expressed contentment with the discussions with the IMF and WB representatives, being held in Washington, as well as with the announcements for further budget support for Macedonia and financing of infrastructure projects, MIA correspondent announced.


Macedonian delegation visits Washington for the regular spring meetings of the IMF and the World Bank, attended by large number of Ministers of Finance and Governors of Central Banks from whole world.


– Macedonia is assessed as one of the more successful countries according to the manner, in which we coped with the Economic crisis. It is obvious that according to the IMF and WB estimates, the global crisis is still present, there are risks for all economies, including ours, however, these institutions assess that the Republic of Macedonia has good potential for realizing economic growth for this year, as well in the next several years, when better condition in the European economy will be created. Level of the government debt of Macedonia is assessed as moderate and one of the lowest in Europe, which is surely an encouraging sign, Stavreski said, emphasizing that this indicator is one of the biggest problems for many European countries.


Vice Prime Minister said that during the meetings in the IMF and the World Bank, it was estimated that good move was made by eliminating the state liabilities towards the private sector, by timely repaying the liabilities on the basis of VAT.


Stavreski sees the future growth of economy in the investments in the free economic zones, as well as in the domestic investments.


When asked about the spillovers of the economic crisis to the banking sector after the developments in Cyprus, Governor Bogov said there are no reasons for concerns.


– During the discussions with the IMF representatives, we informed them about the stability of the banking system in conditions of all instabilities, predominating in the Eurozone and the banks therein, Bogov stressed.


Macedonian banking system, as Bogov said, will not be jeopardized, it has potential and it is resistant and according to all our analyses and stimulations, it will sustain all blows without any bigger problems.


As further steps in the cooperation with the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund , Stavreski announced the support to the energy Project Lukovo Pole, as well as investment project for developing the labour market skills.


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