Kratovo, 26th July 2014 (MIA) – At last year’s session, the Government adopted the Supplementary Budget, submitting it to the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia. It is a matter of mini Supplementary Budget amounting to around 2% of the total revenues and expenditures.

This was pointed out by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski when posed a question at today’s visit to Kratovo, where he inspected the construction activities of the landslide at the exit from Kratovo to Probistip.

He pointed out that the Supplementary Budget is made so as to harmonize the dynamics of realization of expenditures, which, as he said, was better than the projections, in particular as regards infrastructure, with the dynamic of on the revenue side.

Under the Supplementary Budget, additional funds will be provided for realization of infrastructure projects, while the Budget deficit will be slightly increased from 3.5% to 3.9% of GDP, Stavreski said.

That space, as he stressed, will be used for supplementing funds of around 1 billion and 43 million denars which, as he added, will provide for more intensive construction of Corridor 10, and there will also be additional funds as regards social benefits.

There are cuts at the categories goods and services, transfers and capital expenditures, while the amount of reduction is equal at all categories and at almost all budgetary institutions, Stavreski explained.

He said that under the Supplementary Budget, Macedonia will remain within the zone of fiscal stability and will provide for smooth realization of all projects envisaged within the Government Program.

Thus, we will preserve the macroeconomic stability on the long run, being condition for realization of higher economic growth, which we expect to amount to above 3.5% this year, Stavreski said.

He pointed out that unlike some countries, like Serbia and Portugal, which decreased the salaries by 10%, in Macedonia, there will be not only decrease of pensions and salaries, but the salaries of the public administration will be rather increased by 5% as of October as it was announced, and following New Year’s Eve, the pensions will be increased.

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