Skopje, 26th September 2012 (MIA) – New investments of Dutch company VPTEX and the German one “Bionika Pharmaceuticals” are the best confirmation that the Government’s measures and policies, the efforts it makes to improve the business climate, to keep the taxes at low level even in crisis situation, to enable the companies to invest by facilitating administrative requirements and decisions, yield results, Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski said.


– We constantly work on improving the business climate and attracting investors, as well as on creating conditions for the national investors to make more investments. Today was a day, in which we had opportunity to open new factory and to lay cornerstone of another factory, which will contribute to creating hundreds of jobs, exporting Macedonian products to Europe, which in a manner, results in a practice with increasing investments, Stavreski said.


He went on that the companies present in the free economic zones already export products from Macedonia in the amount of more than EUR 550 million, which as he said, is 16% or one sixth from Macedonian export.


– Not long time ago, we announced that we will also support the national companies in their efforts to invest. Measure for zero profit tax will continue to be applied if they reinvest or retain the profit, i.e. unless they distribute it in dividend. Of course, the measures for improving liquidity of the economy with timely settlement of liabilities will remain to be applied. All this is a package of measures, showing our commitment and care of the national and the foreign investors, Vice Prime Minister Stavreski said, adding that the Government is satisfied that increasing number of new factories are constructed, in which new jobs are created, since that, as he mentioned, is their main goal.


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