Skopje, 19th July 2012 (MIA) – Reduction of lending interest rates of banks, according to Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Zoran Stavreski, is always welcomed by the citizens and the economy and he expects for such downward trend to continue in future as well, taking into account the coordination between fiscal and monetary policy.

– Reduction of interest rates of the National Bank and the Ministry of Finance is a clear signal to the banking sector that we expect for they to gradually, but significantly, reduce the interest rates, since there is room to act so and there are free liquid funds. It is important for such liquid funds to end up, in as higher amount as possible, in the economy, Minister said following the press conference at the Government of the Republic of Macedonia.

As for the foreign currency saving, he pointed out that what was favourable was the information that Denar saving increased, being a sign of confidence in Macedonian Denar currency and the banking sector. – Taking into account the trends in Europe and the crisis many economies face, as well as the crisis with the euro as currency, logical sequence is for the citizens to express confidence in the national currency, i.e. the Denar, which is stable and, according to the existing macroeconomic policies and the low level of budget deficit and the indebtedness of the country, as well as the disciplined fiscal policy and coordinated monetary policy, there are no reasons not to save in Denars, since Denar yields are higher, i.e. interest rate on Denar saving is significantly higher, Stavreski underlined.

With respect to the information announced about the blocked accounts of certain companies, he said that operating balance on the accounts of that companies was to be analyzed, since, as he stressed, significant number of accounts in the payment operations were belonging to companies not being actively operating, i.e. having no employees, nor performing any activity, at the same time being an obstacle and a problem to the normal functioning of the payment operations.

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