5th September 2018, Skopje – Around EUR 70 million will be invested for reconstruction and construction of local roads, which will be provided from the World Bank, Minister of Finance Dragan Tevdovski said today when signing the agreements for financing the municipal infrastructure under the Municipal Services Improvement Project.

–  It is a matter of funds under the 4-year strategy for cooperation with the World Bank, which we believe will be absorbed in the best possible manner if investments are made in the local infrastructure. We believe that these funds need to be invested in local roads, which are necessary across the whole country. They will improve the services towards citizens, thus boosting the economy as a whole. This is a significant amount of funds – Tevdovski underlined.

At yesterday’s session, Government considered and adopted the information about the need for improving the condition of the municipal road network. Government entrusted the Ministry of Finance to provide funds from the World Bank, aimed at realizing this Project, whereas Ministry for Transport and Communications will be its Implementing Agency.


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