Skopje, 12th December 2015 (MIA) – Reconstruction and widening of the third part of “Boris Trajkovski“ Boulevard, at the section from former “Staklara” Factory to Pintija settlement, commenced.

Total investment amounts to EUR 3.7 million, and realization of this Project is of particular importance for the citizens in the settlements of Kisela Voda, Dracevo, Pintija, Lisice, Studenicani and all surrounding settlements in this region.

Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, Mayor of the City of Skopje, Koce Trajanovski, and Mayor of Kisela Voda Municipality, Biljana Belicanec – Aleksik, attended the commencement of the construction works, which are to be completed in 18 months.

– Major project for widening former “Prvomajska” Street and constructing “Boris Trajkovski” Boulevard continues today, a project being of great significance for Kisela Voda inhabitants. This Project started in 2011, and the narrow street, which used to be synonym for traffic jam and unease, has turned into a wide boulevard in just several phases, comprising four traffic lanes and all other accompanying amenities. Today, this Project continues to be realized, Prime Minister Gruevski said.

He also stated that the Project was announced two months ago, when the second phase of reconstruction and widening of “Treta Makedonska Brigada” Street commenced, as well as that it was a part of the several large capital projects in Skopje.

– In addition to “Boris Trajkovski” Boulevard, activities are ongoing as regards the extension of “Partizanski Odredi” Boulevard from Karpos settlement to Gorce Petrov settlement. Project for extension of “Srbija” Boulevard from Usje Cement Factory to former bus stop for bus line 24 will also begin in the coming period, Prime Minister stated.

According to him, Project realization will, to a great extent, facilitate the traffic in this part of Skopje, providing at the same time for faster and safer traffic communication for the citizens travelling on “Boris Trajkovski” Boulevard on daily basis.

He announced that, after this phase was completed, the fourth and last phase of widening “Boris Trajkovski“ Boulevard, stretching from Pintija settlement to Dracevo, was envisaged, adding that, supported by the citizens, such projects would continue in the coming period as well.

According to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Zoran Stavreski, this is a leap forward aimed at improving the quality of life of around 70,000 citizens living in this part of the city.

– We all together have contributed for this major capital project, one of the largest in Kisela Voda Municipality, to provide for a safer and easier way of traveling for the citizens towards the center of Skopje in both directions, through a modern boulevard to be an integral part of a six-kilometer section, from the “Ramp” place in Kisela Voda all the way to Pintija settlement, Stavreski said, adding that the Project was important since it would ensure better access to the industrial zone as well, which would, on the other hand, attract investors and provide for job creation.

Stavreski pointed out that it was a major infrastructure project for which funds had been allocated previously as well, it was a project implemented in phases, however, a project the implementation of which was ongoing and was of relevance for 70,000 inhabitants. As a project, it was set among the priority ones of both the Municipality itself and the City of Skopje.

– We, as central government, are obliged to support the realization of such project. This is, of course, a project which is part of the overall support the Government has provided for all municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia through the World Bank. So far, 42 municipalities have participated, where streets and roads, were built, as well as schools and water supply network and sewerage, kindergartens, everything the municipalities considered to be of priority for them, Stavreski said.

He underlined that the Government would remain committed to the municipalities by implementing similar projects of importance for the citizens in the inhabited places in the Republic of Macedonia.

Mayor of the City of Skopje, Koce Trajanovski, said that this section, which widening and reconstruction started today, was 2,200 meters long. He pointed out that widening of this thoroughfare would turn it into boulevard with four lanes, 13.75 meters wide in total, with sidewalks, 3.5 meters wide in total, on both sides, as well as cycle track on the left side of the boulevard, 2.75 meters wide.

Construction works on “Boris Trajkovski” Boulevard, as he added, will be also aimed at building new storm water network along the road, and new street lighting will be place with 121 light poles.

Mayor of Kisela Voda Municipality, Biljana Belicanec – Aleksik, underlined that by commencing the third phase of the project for widening “Boris Trajkovski” Street and turning it into boulevard in this section, this thoroughfare would, in future, provide for connecting the focal point of Kisela Voda Municipality, through the industrial part, with Dracevo settlement and the Village of Dracevo, as well as the other inhabited places in the neighbouring municipalities.

After this capital project is completed, travelling of more than 120,000 citizens from the south-east part of Skopje on a modern road to the center of the city will take much shorter, and the benefit therefrom will be also felt by the owners of companies in the industrial zone located in this municipality.

Another two major infrastructure projects are announced by the City of Skopje to take place in Kisela Voda Municipality in near future, those being construction of “Serbia” Boulevard and roundabout, as well as construction of “Eseninova” Street up to “Nikola Karev” Boulevard.

Consortium, comprising “DG Beton”, “Bauer” and Bulgarian “Ponstroj Engineering EAD”, is the contractor for the works on “Boris Trajkovski” Boulevard.


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